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Men in Mind is a world-first, online professional training program for therapists. It aims to increase therapists' skills and confidence to engage, connect with, and respond more effectively to male clients.

Stop men
slipping through
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50%of men who die by suicide have been in contact with mental health services prior to their death. *As therapists, when men come through our door, we need to ensure we’re offering therapy that meets them where they’re at. With Men in Mind, you’ll learn the latest strategies for delivering therapy that works for men.* Schaffer et al., 2016, World Psychiatry

If you can manage to connect with men, help them find their voice and make them feel comfortable, the changes you can make together are life altering.

Rethink what you know

Men in Mind aims to upskill therapists in engaging men in therapy and responding effectively to their depression and suicidality.

The program starts with an in-depth look at masculinity, followed by lessons that focus on engagement and motivation. The work results in a detailed suite of strategies for identifying and responding effectively to clients’ depression and suicidality.

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Reimagine how you learn

Our team of instructional and learning-design experts have delivered an immersive and impactful experience. Using videos, reflective exercises and practical worksheets, you’ll be guided through five modules exploring how best to engage four male clients in a course of therapy.

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Reframe therapy with men

We’ve synthesised the latest research evidence for specific practical techniques to use when working with men’s anger, depression and suicidality. You’ll feel confident and equipped with the skills needed to unpack male clients’ experiences of masculinity to promote positive change.

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Men in Mind is being rolled out progressively as part of a research project. If you're interested in taking part, please register below.

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Men in Mind is being rolled out progressively as part of a research project. If you're interested in taking part, register below.


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